We are a young family of farmers that believe in the integrity of the products we supply to the market So we have made our holdings a small manageable sizes in different parts of the country, from the forest of OYO state into the savannahs of Kogi state, Nigeria.  We also support and buy from smaller homestead farmers that have a few trees in the gardens or farms to support local economy.


We are a small farm holding with just over 20 Hectre of Moringa Olifera trees.  Our objective is to product and support a healthy lifestyle for our customers.  We do not use any chemical of any type control pest or to improve the yields of our crop.  Every moringa leaf, seed or oils are 100% organic products, grown in our own farms.  

Currently have an annual yield of 200 metric tons of leaves and 12,000 litres of Moringa oil.  which mean we can fulfil local and international demands for our products.  

Our leaves are organically dried on the farms on and processed into powder in the Lagos processing office for small oder and outsourced to certified milling houses for large orders over 20 tons.

Our oil pressing capacity allows us to deliver as much as 50 Litres of oil per day so we can meet local demand or product exclusively to meet your demands.

Large order have to be placed in advance.


Beauty & Healthy Living

The trends of beauty are always shifting and evolving, but one thing over the years that has remained eternal is beautiful skin.  Growing up that was something I had always struggled with.  I was constantly updating my skincare routine pouring all sorts of chemicals and harmful products that only made things worse.


After whining about my skin woes to my grandmother in nigeria she swiftly sent me a small bottle of morninga oil to try out.

After a week of daily use I could already see major results.


So could my friends,who all wanted to try it out for themselves.  Eventually the demand became high enough that I could no longer package little  bottles in my bedroom and felt that this little skin secret had to be shared. I suppose thats the product that started it all. Since then our line has expanded and the thought ,care,love and attention to detail that goes into every product we make is unwavering.

The products Me and my team have created are inspired by the people who use them. We hope you love them as much as we do.  We at AYÈ are committed to building relationships with our growers and farmers, monitoring our impact on the environment, the community and ensuring fair working conditions.We’re also proud to have never tested on animals and promise we never will!


After all, beauty is more than just skin deep.

As for the name you ask ?Well,In yoruba AYÈ means life ,and of course life means many different things to a lot of people and for us we feel that AYÈ unleashes a new sense it.

What's not to love ?





Since discovering Moringa in 2010, we have promoted this highly functional food and beauty products with its remarkable nutritional profile. Our mission revolves around three unifying aims

Staying healthy

Eating Health

Remaining Organic


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